Candle Fundraiser Mentor OH 44060

If you are looking for a candle fundraiser in Mentor, OH  you have come to the right place.  As a company that is based in Mentor Ohio, we are glad to help any groups that are looking to raise money.  This would include sports groups, youth group, musical groups, church groups, and more.

We offer a simple program that can be implemented in very little time.  One fundraiser that we recently did had a group of 60 kids selling candles and they raised over $2700.  The total time invested by the coordinators was about 4 hours.  We handled everything else for them.

Since we are local, we would be more than willing to come into your group with samples and get your fundraising efforts started.

We create a selling and delivery schedule that works for you and then we will provide the information that can go out to the parents/participants to help increase sales over the fundraising time.

Once the orders come in, the coordinator simply enters them into a fundraising success spreadsheet, emails your fundraising success form to us.  Since the money was collected at the time of sale, you simply pay us for our portion of the order, you keep the balance which is your profit and the money is immediately available for your group.

Our normal schedule would look something like;


2-3 weeks for candle fundraiser

Order forms due to Gellite Candle Fundraiser

2 weeks for production and delivery on the set date.

Again, since we are in Mentor Ohio, we will deliver the candles, separated in whatever manner you desire, whether that is by person, by school, by classroom, and will even handle the distribution and checking of the orders for you.  We would request an adult present to verify with us since we are in your facility.

As you can see, there is little work needed by the coordinator, and with some motivated sellers, your candle fundraiser can make you a sizable amount of money.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 440-350-3870 today.  Ask for Laura, our candle fundraiser specialist, to get you and your group going on you Candle Fundraiser.